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“The Alpha Metal Series by artist Lewis is named after its subject matter, the alpha male who is rendered in dynamic figurative expressionism, and it's execution, a unique process of using staples as "metal brushstrokes" in tandem with traditional oils. The conceptual premise is that the epitome of manhood embodies the most extreme expressions of all human appetites. Carnal desires, aggressive urges, physical cravings, are all appetites that the alpha male manifests and exemplifies. He is essentially righteous so these appetites are purified by his essence even when he expresses them in seemingly negative ways like violence and lust. So when the alpha is violent it is to free himself from civilization's trappings. When he is lustful it is to amplify himself by joining with his female counterpart. The series conceptually declares that the drives which comprise the human soul will define and be defined by ultimate masculinity which ultimately seeks paradise though his drives. The use of metal to symbolize the alpha's power, strength and invulnerability also represents a breakthrough in exploring the plastic qualities of paint. In using thousands of staples as metallic "brushstrokes" many of which are punched though the canvas one at a time and even individually bent into shapes by hand, these works simultaneously link drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. Color, line, manipulating light with shadow and reflections, all the inherent form articulating qualities of said disciplines are skillfully capitalized upon. Craft and concept are merged to realize a vision that transcends both. ”