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“My work is about nature. I am inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of the landsCape, the sea, and the sky. It is not my intention to represent nature per se, but rather to express how I feel when viewing nature. Therefore, my work tends to be non-objective. I choose the non-representational mode as a means of expression because I feel that I can best stir the imagination of the viewer in this manner. I want my work to arouse people's emotions by involving them with color, shapes, lines and textures that they see on the canvas. This way, it makes the viewer something of an artist as well. I am interested in creating a sense of depth in the works while maintaining the flatness of the picture plane. In some works, texture is actually applied to the canvas with thick layers of paint or, in some cases, actually gluing materials to the surface. In other works, texture is implied through variations in color, line and value. I quite often use a stain technique where paint is actually poured onto the canvas, but only as a starting point. The shapes created in this method are then developed into volumes of light and dark that give a sense of deep space. It is this feeling of ambiguity of depth and flat pattern that creates interest for me in my work. ”