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“Since 1999 I have turned my energies toward reverse painting in acrylic on acrylic sheet. The number of possibilities I've 4iscovered makes me feel like a conquistador launching into a new medium. Painting on acrylic sheet allows for perfectly sharp edges and perfectly flat color plains; intensity of color more vivid than any other surface~ and has led to an unforeseen exploration of texture. The technique I use for deep sculpted textures is unique to my work. I begin a painting with a geometric rather than a representative format. The appearance of, for instance, a stylized landscape results from my interest in horizontal lines rather than creating a scene. But I welcome the viewer to make any associations they like. Acrylic paint and sanded acrylic sheet is a match made in painter's heaven. The physical bond between them occurs over five days, and is comparable to acrylic on wood, with the added advantage that the acrylic sheet protects the paint surface. ”