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“Painting is thinking with a paintbrush in your hand. I think of my working process as a kind of extraction system that pulls concepts from the world of objects, ideas and observations and then folds them into another reality, rethinking and reformulating that world into another. Many of my paintings are about the frozen moment of realization. The moment when the protagonist comes to terms with events unfolding, this is his moment of epiphany, his breath being held. It is a moment of questioning and contemplation. My paintings are about the narrative and allegory. I am telling stories. Images that often recall childhood memories, social observations or futuristic fragments are used to form a landscape in which a conversation can occur. The stories are often “what if” narratives that reflect a particular thinking process leaving the narrative open ended. My paintings reflect my experience of the world. It is an explanation and questioning of my experience. It is one of the ways that I exist in the world.”