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“Lengelé, belgo-canadian artist, painter and illustrator, was born in the Belgian Congo (Africa), moved to Belgium in the 60's, and graduated from the Academy of Arts in Brussels. He enjoyed a successful career as a commercial artist, winning several awards. For the last 5 years, he has lived and worked in Montreal, as an independent artist. For many years, he was exploring different techniques and new mediums like digital software. Nowadays, he concentrates on acrylic painting and illustration in their most caricatured sense- he is using his vast experience from many disciplines in graphic art to his advantage. Lengelé has taken part in many publications (ex: cartoons in "Cités Nouvelles"), advertisements and packaging all over Europe and North America before beginning painting his own work. Painting, which had been secondary for a number of years, is now becoming a full-time activity. Like some of his favorite painters from the Pop Art movement, he debuted his career in the graphic design business, creating cartoons, ads and packaging. Lengelé is usually characterized as ironic, funny and witty with a very original style.”