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“For myself, what is essential in painting is not the form ­ which usually prevails ­ but the content. My work is meant to evoke more than pure beauty, and the spectator must keep an open mind when looking at what can appear crude at first glance. Spontaneity, the present moment, my conscience, my manner of grasping or comprehending the world: all these elements open doors to new facets of painting, and go beyond pure painting and its intellectualization through technique and reflection. This would hinder the process and would not result in anything as disorderly or as confusing. In other words, everything that makes us full-fledged humans leads me towards another world that I do not even know myself, one I could paradoxically describe as organized. When I begin a blank painting, I don't know where it will lead me. I provide the initial impulse and the rest flows, as if the painting itself knows where to go. It is a reflection of myself and of the world that surrounds me. Violent one day, ugly, confusing, dark or enlightened the next, it is each present moment which gives us life. This explains why my work doesn't follow any logical structure or exist as a coherent series, but rather follows a leading theme, my buried awareness, which comes to light for one brief instant.”